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California Direct is a simple and safe way to share health information with the right person at the right time. Based on federal standards, Direct enables communication among providers, care team members and patients, to improve care coordination. This service can easily be integrated into existing referral patterns and practice workflows while significantly reducing faxing, scanning, and re-keying of data.


“California Direct fills a critical gap in the HIE landscape in our State, offering a low-cost service that Providers can adopt to share data to improve patient care, especially in rural regions where there isn’t a community HIE alternative today.”

-Pamela Lane, CHHS Deputy Secretary for HIE

What is Direct Messaging?

Direct is a simple way to securely exchange health information with health care teams while also satisfying Meaningful Use requirements.

Free Rural Accounts

The first 1,000 accounts distributed to qualified providers in rural California will be free for 2014 thanks to funding from California Health eQuality (CHeQ), a program of the Institute for Population Health Improvement at the University of California Davis.

Who Benefits From Direct?

California Direct benefits all health care teams including clinicians, office staff, and ancillary service providers as well as patients using a PHR.

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